TRP03: Faith, Family, and Briginossa!

Craig and Leslie

Well episode three is a hell-a-mess of a show. We give lots of shout-outs to our wonderful listeners, and fellow podcasters. Weegie is due some lessons! The origins of “The Royal Pains.” Slaves and Daddies! Artists wanted! Faith, Family, and Briginossa. Sex talk…well a one sided version of it anyway.

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Craig & Leslie
The Royal Pains

Running Time: 1 Hour 26 Minutes

For Direct Download: Right Click Here

7 responses to “TRP03: Faith, Family, and Briginossa!

  1. Leslie honey I could not agree more ….I love me some big ole muscle men!
    I ain’t got time for all that sappy mess…and talk…just fuck the shit outta me …ok…
    Thanks for the shoutouts….and Leslie honey I’m southern by default.

  2. ohhhhh and Black Bitch says hey Yall and she hopes that your puppy gets well soon….

    -Black Bitch-

    PS: Aj is the real black bitch….no really…shes a bitch!

  3. Wood nymph forced sexual encounters… and regenerating hymens? Whew! You two are fierce… but I don’t gossip. 😉 Keep them comiing and I hope your pup heals quickly Craig.

  4. Hey honeys!
    MmmmmmmmMmmm! Moon pies, fried chicken, and some pulled pork barbie Q! I swear i was salivating thinking of it…tell me you had some white bread dipping sauce to go with it! I’d cut a bitch for some good old home cooking! Are you girls participating in the Mardi Gras this year? I used to have beads all over the damn house back in the day….they make such good decor don’t they? I wouldn’t trade my life here in Thailand for anything, but there are certainly days I imagine myself getting on a plane. However, you 2 sweeties are the little bit of home I need to stay happy! Love the show and keep em coming! Big hugz to you both from Bangkok!

  5. Leslie, loved your response to my inquiry about the alpha males. If you would have apologized for your personal tastes I might have to head south and BDSM your tranny ass. Our tastes do differ (i think).. For a fun quickie, I will take the alpha male and make them use me. Except I want to gag them.. Don’t wanna hear them talk. Although that can be dangerous if you are stealth with them. Look forward to hearing you address that subject in future casts. For something with substance, I wan’t a metro guy (or girl).. I’m not too picky..LOL

    I will say there is a huge distinguishment between what we prefer sexually and how we think people should be and act and how we judge them. That’s where the gender roles are bunk IMO.

    Craig, you are a true media whore.. That makes me wet.. Now I need to STEP UP!!!

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