TRP04: GLBT Advocacy…


Welcome! Episode 4 was a trial in-and-of itself. Leslie and I give a lot of shout-outs. We have our first messages from our new listener feedback line. We talk about the Black Bitch Oppressor and her adventures in Louisville, Kentucky. We discuss our advocacy on behalf of the GLBT Community. Sex Talk or lack thereof…How about you listen to find out what we really talked about!

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Craig & Leslie

The Royal Pains

Running Time: 1 Hour 13 Minutes

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2 responses to “TRP04: GLBT Advocacy…

  1. Hey guys. I do hear what you are saying about how my family rejected me. I left my childhood home 14 year ago because my parents told me they were not going to tolerate my homosexuality under any circumstances. It went past “as long as I don’t have to see it”. And yes…that was a mantra for my mother.

    My parents rejection was a hard blow emotionally. I had to chose whether to continue living my life as a lie, or step up and be the person I was born to be. I told them “I am gay and that I always will be gay till the day I die”

    I was seething with anger when I left my parents. I wanted them to feel how much I hurt. I was basically in emotional shock. I felt betrayed, not wanted, second hand goods, freak (and not in the good way for freak). That anger stayed with me all this time until last year.

    My shrink gave me some guidance on acceptance. He would often ask me why I put so much energy into being anger, when up to this time has only been negative and non-productive for myself.

    So, I agreed within myself that I just had to accept the fact that these are their personal beliefs. I can’t change them, just as I can’t expect them to change me. As soon as I finally accepted this as fact…I really started to feel much better. So much better, that I reestablished communication with my sister.

    Do I wish things went better. I would be lying if I told you no. These are the cards of fate that were dealt to me. I just have to make the best of it and live my life.

    Leslie, girl you crack me up. You’re just as cute as a new shoe button.

    Craig…Weegie is very hot. But the best thing about Weegie, is that not only he’s hot on the outside but just as much inside. It was fun meeting him at the Expo.

    Great show guys!

  2. Really really enjoyed the show! You 2 must have nerves of steel to go walking up into university lecture halls to give talks about GLBT rights and information. I can’t tell you how much I admire your strength in facing those crowds at home, as I know exactly how those folks can be. I remember i wrote a paper once when i was going to the U of A and i wrote about my own coming out experience. That particular day a discussion about GLBT rights began in class, and I didn’t have the courage to stand up for myself. Have always kind of regretted it, so it is inspirational to hear what your doing there! Also, Happy you enjoyed my comment and will try and get an intro to you sweeties later in the week. Much love from Bangkok!

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