TRP05: Xena…On the Rag!


Welcome to episode 5! Xena…on the Rag! Leslie and I had an enjoyable time with this show. Lots of laughter and bitterness to be had by all! How about you listen to find out what we talked about!

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Craig & Leslie

The Royal Pains

Running Time: 1 Hour 1 Minutes

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4 responses to “TRP05: Xena…On the Rag!

  1. Greetings, oh Empresses of Bitterness! Just had to tell you how much I LOVED your latest show! I laughed my ass off over the metrosexual rant…I can SO relate…those bitches just need to get spanked! I’m thinking maybe we can send some of those methmidgets over to teach those bad-breeders’ brats a thing or two. SMACK! Damn little ankle biters! Meanwhile, keep up the great show…you are awesome! I’m outa here…gonna go stand around down on the southside and see if I can’t become a victim of some of that drive-by booty pumping ya’ll were talking about! Woot!

  2. “Plant those poppies”…OMG! hehehehe I laughed myself sick, Leslie.

    Chemistry sucks. I majored in Microbiology and had to take 4 yrs of Chemistry. I have felt your pain (many times in many ways).

    I loved Xena. I would just lust all over Aries every time he was on. Kevin Smith was very hot. My best friend never understood why I liked the show so much. He thought the show was horrible. He never “got it”. Is that Aphrodite from Xena in the album art?

    Do you remember Bruce Campbell (Aeolus) from the Evil Dead series? He was pretty hot back them.

    Calisto was the bomb! She used to make me laugh so hard. There was something about her eyes. I agree.

    Ritalin. That is usually prescribed for people with Attention Deficit Disorder. Be careful with that medication because it has a high addiction potential.

    Frisbee? Do they still make those?

    Leslie I could not agree with you more about out of control children and negligent parents. Reasonable corporal punishment needs to come back in style. Parents need to be in control over their children. Not the other way around.

    Sending white light to you both.

    Goddess bless. XOXO Tigz

  3. Well, I’ve recently completed listening to the royal rantings; it’s tough to sneak time away from the floggings and beatings here in the peasant fields. But I loved the Xena talk, especially reliving the Widow Twanky and the oozing sexuality of that hunk Kevin Smith (ooo, the episode where he has to learn to farm without his powers – where else can you find someone that stunning to look at with his hairy chest and tight leather pants…give me a second…having a moment…).

    Looking foward to the next royal command.

    PS – can you possibly see fit to toss a *few* more scraps to us in the fields?

  4. Wow. I had no idea that people were really that into Xena. I do love me some camp though. I guess I’ve always been more of the vein of John Waters and Vegas in Space though. Maybe it’s just drag queens. Although, Xena kind of seems like a drag queen in a way, no? It sounds truly terrible about Alabama. I just can’t imagine having to censor myself so much. I’m sometimes talking about s/m at work myself! I don’t think we need to reform parents, we just need to encourage abortion. We’ve reached the need for a nuclear option in my opinion.

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