TRP07: All Things Anime!


Sailor Moon

Welcome to episode 7. Leslie and I talk about our love of Anime. We hope you enjoy!

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Craig & Leslie

The Royal Pains

Running Time: 56 Minutes 59 Seconds

For Direct Download: Right Click Here

4 responses to “TRP07: All Things Anime!

  1. Never into the Anime. Like Leslie said, you either love Anime or hate it.

    However I did like Aeon Flux. Not sure if that is Anime or not?

    I kept having a mental image of Rainbow Bright while you were talking about Sailor Moon.

    Great show guys.

    Only query…what’s wrong with a man not making as much as a woman financially?

  2. Hey babies! Right there with you with the anime, as I used to come home from school in the afternoons and plop down in front of the television to watch Sailor Moon, Thunder Cats, Voltron, and the Dragon Ball Z. I was a passive fan though i guess, but I do and always have enjoyed them as opposed to boring flat American cartoons. Then when I moved here to Thailand I immediately became an Anime amateur. The Thais looooove their Anime, and you can see teens on the trains everyday absorbed in their Anime comics eagerly flipping page to page. There are even big Anime shops in most shopping centers where they sell Anime figurines which can get really pricey depending on the series.
    Also, agree with you about the cultural views about homosexuality. Japanese culture ‘learned’ to be homophobic from European influences as homosexual scenes were quite common in Japanese artwork prior to the influx of western influences. It is the same here in Thailand, as the upper class western educated Thais are more apt to be homophobic than an average person you might sit next to on public transportation. Anyways, huge fan of Japanese entertainment (and men) and loved the show! Don’t wait to long between episodes this time please! Love ya! 🙂

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