TRP09: Sailor Moon Extravaganza!

The Sailor Senshi

Welcome to episode 9 of The Royal Pains. We discuss one of our favorite animes of all time, Sailor Moon. Join us as we discuss Serena and the girls!

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Craig & Leslie

The Royal Pains

Runing Time: 59 Minutes 09 Seconds

For Direct Download: Right Click Here

4 responses to “TRP09: Sailor Moon Extravaganza!

  1. Hey honeys!
    I listened to this show just after you released it, and enjoyed it immensely as I have all your shows thus far. The background information you talked about in regards to Sailor Moon was really interesting. I had no idea that the episodes that ran in the US were so cut up by the conservative censors at home. Thanks for the show, and much love per usual from Bangkok!

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