TRP10: Glamazons on the Loose!

Welcome to episode 10 of The Royal Pains. We discuss one of our favorite tv shows of all time, Absolutely Fabulous. Join us as we discuss Patsy and Edina!

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Runing Time: 49 Minutes 20 Seconds

For Direct Download: Right Click Here

One response to “TRP10: Glamazons on the Loose!

  1. Hi Craig and Leslie!

    I love AbFab too, my favorite episode is the one where Patsy and Eddie break into Serge’s room and find a dirty magazine, then proceed to plan an orgy. Later in the show, Saffie bings her mother condoms and femi-doms, when she goes to give then to her mother, gran turns around from washing dishes with femidoms on her hands and says, “They didn’t put and fingers on these washing up gloves!”

    Love the Royal Pains show, take care ladies!

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