TRP11: The Purge!

Welcome to episode 11 of The Royal Pains. We purge ugly demons! We close the book on messy folks in our lives both past and present. Join us as we spew bile!

—Show Notes—
1. Voicemail and E-Mail
2. Personal Updates
3. Disgusting Romanian Boy
4. Mutant Colon Boy
5. Hair Queen and Scat Queen
6. The Jebobos Witnesses

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  3. Send us a simple email at: The Royal Pains

Craig & Leslie

Direct download: Episode 11

3 responses to “TRP11: The Purge!

  1. Hey sweeties!
    This was a fabulous deliciously bitter cast and I absolutely loved it. It was really funny to hear about your fabulous trips to Atlanta as well, and agree that midtown is like a little slice of Manhattan but with southern charm. My ex and I used to go to Atlanta at least once every couple of months to party for a weekend, and the stories I could tell you! Anyways, just wanted to send you both a little love from Bangkok, and looking forward to the next cast as always. Hugz to you both!

  2. One of your best yet – keep up the great work! Can’t wait for “The Purge 2: Gagging in Paradise.” I will have to have The Saint listen in; he will revel in the delightful bitterness.


    The Peasant

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