TRP12: Ring My Bell…

Welcome to episode 12 of The Royal Pains. UFOs, lesbian sex, and pumpkins! We talk about our favorite past-time! Join us as we laugh and have a wonderful time!

—Show Notes—
1. Voicemail and E-Mail

2. Personal Updates

3. A New Hubby

4. Art Bell, Phil Hendry, Don and Mike

5. NPR

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Craig & Leslie

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4 responses to “TRP12: Ring My Bell…

  1. My sister and I used to listen to Don and Mike. (She mostly did… i would listen sometimes when they made fun of Karen Carpenter or if it was Elvis Death Day) I’m sad that Don retired to focus on his personal life… But at least Mike is chugging along.

    I left y’all a v-mail bout the SPICES! Be nice and do them justice ladies! Or i will put on my scary spice horns and gut you with them!

    Much love ALWAYS

  2. I used to listen to Art Bell when I was in middle/high school. I’d leave it on while I fell asleep. It used to creep me the fuck off every once in a while. Chupacabra still scares the shit out of me. AM radio is always fun late at night. I’m kind of getting the chills just thinking about it. I got annoyed that they quit streaming online too, but I found an AM station that plays Coast to Coast and stream their station… so I can get it if I want it that way. ((Wouldn’t be in your timezone, but here’s the link:

    I love NPR. So much. My favorite show on NPR is A Prairie Home Companion too. It’s so wonderful! I hear the intro music and it just makes me smile. I also enjoy This American Life, which is usually really good. Also like Marketplace, All Things Considered, Science Fridays, What’ya Know?, Wait wait Don’t Tell Me, Calling All Pets, and more, I’m sure.

    Love you guys. I have no Spice Girls memory. I didn’t like them then. I don’t like them now. Divas are not my thing. I leave them to the boys.

  3. Wow, I’m so honored to have been promoted to be the Royal Consort and will fulfill my duties to the full extent of my capacity to serve. 🙂 I’m sure the current partner won’t mind stepping aside for my royal duties, cause lord knows the Thais are ALL about their royalty. However, i shouldn’t go to far into that line of thought. That was such a good show and I almost fell off the treadmill when Leslie started reading the menu of good old southern foods that had been had. Mmmm….can almost smell it before everyone sits down to dig in. I have always been a passive fan of NPR, and I enjoy their work depending on my moods. My mood determine my music tastes on any different day, but I’m a bit “Cybil” in that regards i guess. I watched to movie recently on A Prairie Home Companion and I thought it was great. It really got me interested in looking for podcasts available of the same genre. Great stuff guys and does the consort have to beg for another show to come rolling off the presses soon? Eagerly awaiting our next visit…and the menus of course. Much love from Bangkok honeys!

  4. Great podcast show. I remember coast to coast with Art Bell. I remember listening to him way back before he even got into ghost’s and U.F.O. stuff. Thats right, Art, use to be just a plain old radio talk show host doing news and weather.

    I remember when Art Bell had a gust on his show by the name of David John Oates.

    Now David Oates was the guy that played tape recordings in reverse and you would hear what the person was thinking. The first night I listened in and heard Mr. Oates playing Baby reversals, and it creeped me out.

    Other nights I remember Art Bell doing a show called, Ghost to Ghost. That was scary hearing the callers tell their strange ghost stories over the air. I even called in that night and told a story that happen to me and friend of mine on our way home driving through the hill sides late at night.

    I also remember years ago, Art Bell had a Men in Black line set up, and a few nights later he opened up a time traveler line. He wanted to hear only those that claim to be from the future.

    Nothing was more funny’er than one guy who use to call into the show, going by the name of J.C.

    He always preached the word of God to Art Bell saying how he, meaning Art, is going to hell, and then Art Bell would turn on his voice changer and start talking like the devil over the air. It always scared the caller off real fast.

    I also remember one night Art Bell had a real Witch on the show that was into black magic and spells. When Art Bell had a webcam set up that night so you can see Art live on air, this weird haze appeared right above Art fore head. He never had a Witch on the show again after he saw that. I guess she was putting a hex on him or something.

    And the best show of them all was years ago, Art Bell got super glue all over his fingers and hands while on the air live, and then he ends up glueing part of his lip
    closed and had to do the rest of the show with his hand stuck to his face and part of his lip glued shut. I laughed so hard. Poor guy.

    Lots of fun back then.

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