TRP19: Hit Me Baby One More Time!

Britney Spears

Hello All!

Welcome to The Royal Pains episode 19! Our main topic of discussion today is Britney Spears.

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3 responses to “TRP19: Hit Me Baby One More Time!

  1. K. Fed fucked Britney physically and emotionally OUTSIDE of the bedroom.
    I knew that man was trouble from the get go. Britney definitely was suffering from some kind of postpartum. I couldn’t even begin to imagine being her!
    Poor Britney, she was getting it from all directions with the media. SHE’S CRAZY! SHE’S A BAD MOTHER! SHES FAT! Plus her shady manager during that time….VERY ANNA NICOLE! I’m so glad she is out of that mess and that man is in hiding, because he KNOWS he’s evil.

    K Fed has gotten fat from all that pot (that he probably smokes in the same room with Britney’s kids) and late night TACO BELL. He loves his 4th meal!

    Xtina is a whole other story. She talks shit, and is NOT very pretty. Haven’t u seen that picture with her FOUNDATION rubbed off ALL OVER HER straw wig lookin’ hair!

    As for that DIRTY COOZE (C.C.) I am not that into him LOL, but I did like his Britney video. SOMEONE HAD TO SAY IT AT THE TIME! The bitch stole my idea. And u know that shit was ACTED!!!!! And I absolutely LOVE RuRu!


  2. Ok, I confess….I’m a Brittney fan as well and think that she’s a very talented girl. She’s got a great voice and I think she’s quite gifted as an entertainer….very good stage presence. She think she made some poor choices along the way regarding the company she kept like K Fed or Hilton but she’s managed to pull her self through it despite these toxic sort of folks she used to associate with and I think she’s a better person for it. Love you guys and don’t keep the podcasts so far apart this time. Kisses from Bangkok!

  3. Hey sweeties! Me again. I was talking to a friend of mine about some of the drag shows we used to go watch here in Bangkok, and I thought of something I wanted to run by you both and get your take on the subject matter. As you already know, transgendered individuals are more or less socially accepted here in Thailand and thusly they are more highly visible in day to day life. Anyway, in the show we used to go watch the trannies would tease one of the girls cause she was always on the look out for a piece of ass she could round up for the night. She was famous for being a well endowed top Tranny and I’ve seen a few transgendered Thais that were cruising the bars/chats for bottoms. What do you both think about this?

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