TRP21: Queer As Folk!


Queer As Folk!

Queer As Folk!

Hello All!

Welcome to The Royal Pains: Episode 21!

We have an in-depth discussion concerning an email we recieved.

We also talk about Queer As Folk!

We Ramble as usual!

We appreciate all of our listeners! Thanks for being so supportive.

We want to hear from you!

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Craig & Leslie

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4 responses to “TRP21: Queer As Folk!

  1. California was a wake up to the snot ass fags who always thought they were so so advanced.
    But fuck that screwing with people who do drugs as that is bullshit.
    You drink dont ya?
    Is that not a drug?
    Do you smoke cigs?
    Is that not the most addictive drug known to mankind?
    So do not even use others who use drugs as a excuse for the whole problems in the gay world.
    The problem with drugs or anything is excess and addiction.
    Now that can be a problem but addiction can be drugs,food,sex,relationships,or just being a materialist pig.
    I have had lots of fun with doing illegal drugs and it was when shit took over my life that it sucked.
    So just doing drugs aint the problem it is when it takes over your life is when it is wrong
    You drink do drugs…you take asprin…you do drugs…you take estrogen you are taking drugs.
    Drugs are drugs and just cause they are not legal dont make them any different.
    It is all about how you use them.
    Or they use you.

    Lovbe ya!

  2. Congratulations Ms Leslie! That was the best show of yours I’ve ever heard & I just had to say so. I loved when you & Craig were talking bout life down there in Bama & comparing it to way up here in the cold, dark, Yankee North & even O’Canada. Woof Woof!!!!

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