TRP29: The Big Adjustment!


The Big Adjustment!

Hello All!

Welcome to The Royal Pains: Episode 29!

This is our first show after I arrived in Canada. Sorry for it being so late!

We appreciate all of our listeners!

Thanks for being so supportive. We want to hear from you!

— Here are some ways to contact us. —

Call our listener feedback line:  206-338-0572

Leave a comment here on our blog.

Send us a simple email at: The Royal Pains

Craig & Leslie

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One response to “TRP29: The Big Adjustment!

  1. Hi Craig and Leslie,

    I’m a long-time listener and first-time commenter. Thank you so much for putting together all these shows. I love hearing the friendship between you two almost as much as I love the bitterness and venting. That viperish attitude is such a great antidote to a long day of work or a long day of hetero-man troubles. (which never seem to end…) I also admire how you both live your own lives however suits you, regardless of what Southern norms might dictate. It was sad to hear about the parting, and I’m really glad you’re still putting together shows across the distance.

    Looking forward to next time,

    p.s. The orange polenta dessert sounded SOOO good. Where did you get the recipe, Leslie?

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