TRP30: Hot Mess!

Hot Mess!

Hello All!

Welcome to The Royal Pains: Episode 30!

Thanks to Spanking Bea Arthur for our hilarious pod-art! She obviously had one to many drinks that night!

Sorry for it being so late!

We appreciate all of our listeners!

Thanks for being so supportive. We want to hear from you!

— Here are some ways to contact us. —

Call our listener feedback line:  206-338-0572

Leave a comment here on our blog.

Send us a simple email at: The Royal Pains

Craig & Leslie

Direct download:  Episode 30

One response to “TRP30: Hot Mess!

  1. Hey Ya’ll! Happy Holidays to you both and hope the season is treating you well. I really enjoyed the last episode you did and I love that ya’ll are still making the effort to do shows, despite the geographical issues you face these days. Much, much love from the Land O’ Thais as always and may the Year of the Rabbit bring you nothing but good good things! 🙂

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