TRP32: Kiss My Fat Ass!


Kiss My Fat Ass!

Kiss My Fat Ass!

Welcome to The Royal Pains: Episode 32!

3 Fatties Fight Back! !

We appreciate all of our listeners!

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Craig & Leslie

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5 responses to “TRP32: Kiss My Fat Ass!

  1. You all are stoopid…fat is bad and airplanes fly by weight and if someone weighs the amount of three normal people they need to pay more.
    The seats are small and I am not at all happy getting crushed in a airplane.
    How do you pay for mail weight.
    So according to your plan all mail should be the same price regardless of weight!
    Fatties also cost more to keep alive so they should pay more for health insurance.
    And I am a fatty.
    We are fat because we consume more calories and move less…thus a country of fatties.
    We need to get off our ass and do that evil exercise and eat less.

  2. Get fucked Zilla. If we want to be angry we will. Fatties are the majority. How come skinny stupid bitches get to decide the rules. How about we charge skinny people for being annoying. Lets Impose a skinny stupid bitch fee. After all they are the minority and why consider them.

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