TRP40: Movie Night!

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Craig & Leslie

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4 responses to “TRP40: Movie Night!

  1. Hey ya’ll! ^__^ I know it’s late, but i juuust got around to listening to this episode today and it was great taking a trip down the cinema memory lane ya’ll. I swear our chronological progression of “family” film viewing played out EXACTLY the same way as my own over the years. Torch Song Trilogy was the first gay movie I had ever seen and it was purely by accident that i stumbled across it one night back in my young teenage years. We had cable TV, but the folks had all the “evil” channels blocked of course, but i remember for a while that you could run the cable through VCR and it would occasionally unblock the channels like HBO and Cinemax. I remember crying and crying after i’d watched it because it was the first time in my entire life that i realized there were actually others in the world like me. I wasn’t a freak of nature and cursed to roam the dirt roads of backwoods South all alone. Those early films gave me such hope of a life somewhere outside of rural Alabama. Again, excellent cast and I was thinking about half way through that the Mobile and Tuscaloosa Blockbusters must have shared the same supplier in regards to GLBT movies. ^__^ Much love to you both from the Big Mango!

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